Weekend Unwind

For once I am not starting a post with “It was another outstanding weekend on the Gulf Coast!” It’s not that it wasn’t a great weekend  it was. It was just quiet. Still wonderfully blessed, but a lovely, quiet weekend.

Friday night we headed to the neighborhood bar to unwind with some of Sweet Husband’s co-workers and friends. After a few drinks, we headed out for dinner, and then he dropped me at home while he went out for a boy’s night. I was invited to go along, but I was more than happy to stay home and crawl into the bed.

Saturday, I attended a photography workshop with two of the Coast’s most celebrated photographers. It was a Valentine’s present from Sweet Husband. While I wish the workshop had been a bit more hands-on, I now have a really good idea of how to shoot in manual mode. I learned a few tricks and tips that I believe will make my photos much better. One of the things that surprised me most during the workshop was that both of those wonderful Coastal photographers told us that they do very little post-processing. They might up the contrast and the saturation but most of what we see posted to Facebook every day is straight out of the camera. While one of my goals is to learn how to use Photoshop to my advantage, it was nice to hear them say that it’s not necessarily a tool you have to use.

I’m hoping that during this week I have the opportunity to practice a bit with the BGC.

While I was at my workshop, Sweet Husband was at the Biloxi St. Patrick’s parade. We’ve gone for the last 2 years with friends, and this year none of our friends were able to make it. I was hoping that I was going to make it because my workshop was supposed to be done at 1:30 while the parade started at 2:00. I didn’t get out of my workshop until 3:00. Sweet Husband reached the same conclusion that I had: it’s more fun when we’re together. He didn’t have as good of a time without me, just like I didn’t have as good of a time in New Orleans without him.

Today has been lazy. There were storms here on the Coast and we elected to just be lazy. While Sweet Husband watched a Netflix Dexter marathon, I did a little bit of work and then I took a long nap. It was a lovely end to my spring break.

…and Spring Break is well and truly over. I should be working on lesson plans, but Sweet Husband and I have been having dinner and drinks and watching a few programs on television. I just about have my bag packed for the week in Hattiesburg and need to get in the shower and get to bed.

I really hate the end of the weekend – not because it means I’m about to head back to work but rather because it means that I’m going to be away from Sweet Husband for the week. We’ve decided that this week I won’t be coming home mid-week. so when I leave tomorrow morning, I won’t see him again until Friday evening. That separation makes it difficult, and I hate the anticipation (and reality) of being away from home and him.

It’s going to be a long week. It always is after a break. I have an observation this week as well to make it even better. I know what we’re doing this week. I’ve got some changes planned for my middle school class. In 9 days, though, I have yet to get it written up. *sigh* Guess that’s what tomorrow morning is for.

At any rate, I suppose it’s time for me to set intentions for the coming week. This week, I want to focus on the following:

  • Wellness. I need to get it together. I had intended to work on that this week, but it just didn’t happen. I’m ready for the focus.
  • Creativity. After having been in my photography class, I really want to spend some time playing with my camera and getting better with it.
  • Looking to the future. It’s time to apply for jobs on the Coast. I’ve got my resume updated. It’s time to actually put the applications in, which is time consuming. This is the week to do it.

How was your weekend? And what are you going to be working on in the coming week?


  1. M. Followay says

    Weekend was alright working on some homework and laundry. Had to work yesterday and made an outline for one of my papers. Afterwards listened to some nice country/Southern rock music followed by Bluegrass on 91.9 WFPK. Need to get on this paper and finish it tonight as a continuation from the first part.

    • Jen says

      Good to hear from you Micah! Sometimes we have to spend the weekends doing the things that are necessary. I think that I have one of those weekends coming – the house needs a thorough cleaning from top to bottom and there’s that furniture that needs to be finished and moved inside, giving me the perfect chance to go through things and get rid of all of the unwanted and unnecessary baggage that is hanging around.

      I’ve got lesson plans to do tonight as I have an observation in the morning, so it sounds like we’ll both be hard at work this evening!

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