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Each week I read a ton of blogs and articles, and when I find something I like, I enjoy passing it along to all of you here. The following are the gems from this week:

  • Create No Matter What – Danielle LaPorte. I really needed to hear this message. I get bogged down, and while I really don’t know what the end is yet (so I can’t start with the end in mind), the last point – believing that people need to hear what I have to say is important to keeping me going.
  • Also from Danielle LaPorte – The Stop Doing List. I think the three questions at the end may well become a Mindful Monday blog post. Look for it on Monday 😉
  • Favorite Road Trip Songs – Finding Serendipity. Because Sweet Husband and I might be taking a little bit of a road trip for our anniversary, I love the list of 50 songs at the bottom. I think most of them would have made my list, but I don’t know about his. What about yours?
  • Spring Clean Your Writing Business and Boost Your Income – Write to Done. Not that I’m looking to boost my income from writing; that’s not why I follow Write to Done. The tips included in the link are good for me to remember when I’m thinking about inspiration and creativity, particularly numbers 1, 2, and 6.
  • Someone Else’s Pain + Struggle Do Not Negate Yours – Yes & Yes. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in this seat, but it’s a great reminder that we get to feel what we feel. Just because we have it better doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to experience the depths of our pain. I tend to remind myself of this when I’m in the midst of junior high drama – or what I label drama. It’s all very, very real to them. They’re allowed to feel it, wallow in it, live it. And then let it go.
  • 9 Free (or Cheap) Ways to Have More Fun While You Travel – Yes & Yes. Because who doesn’t want to have more fun when they travel? And it’s a pretty good list. I really like 3, 6, 7, 8, & 9.
  • Get In Your Belly – Chocolate Cloud Cake – Fat Mum Slim. I don’t often post recipes, but dang. This one looks good and easy. I need to figure out where my spring form pan is. Although I do have small springform pans in my cupboard that I suppose I could use. Too bad Sweet Husband does not really care for chocolate.
  • Finding Focus & Knowing Your Priorities – Jamie Ridler Studios. I kinda feel like some of these things are coming at the exact right moments for me. I so totally feel like my entire life needs focus right this moment. But I’m not sure where I find the time for it. I keep thinking that if I can just make it to the end of May, I’ll have plenty of time to find all the focus I want. But I know that things don’t work out that way. There will be stuff to do and I’ll be as lost as I ever am. Again, I see a Mindful Monday blog post coming up.
  • The Truth About Whining, Complaining, Bitching, and Moaning – Your Courageous Life. Ouch. Just ouch. But in a good way, if you can call it that. I tend to the negative. I think that pessimism is an engrained part of my nature, and it’s really easy for me to get on a very negative track. I work hard to keep myself encouraged and to stay positive but there are times when all I want to do is whinge. I do that a lot with Sweet Husband and with my best friend. My snarkiness takes over and it’s not pretty. I like the idea of asking myself (and that coworker who grates on my last nerve because of the negativity), “How can I support you right now?”
  • 10 Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life – Be More With Less. I think Sweet Husband and I are pretty good about some of these. We need to get better about clearing out the clutter, and this is a reminder that I need to go through the Good Things Box and see what I’ve forgotten to write down in the last month or so.
  • 16 Maps That Will Blow Your Mind – Facts.FM. I have a thing for maps. These are pretty cool.
  • On Trying New Things and Learning from Others – Lisa Congdon. Thanks for sharing this Kat! The 5 hours that I spent with pro photographers recently really helped me move things along with my photography. I’ve known that I needed to move forward. I’ve read tutorials, but I actually needed a class. It’s hard to swallow and admit that I need help (I have a PhD afterall, shouldn’t I be able to teach myself this stuff? But my PhD isn’t in photography, so no, probably not. Particularly when I’m not a visual or auditory learner)
  • What I Tell Myself When I Don’t Think I Can Do It – When I Grow Up Coach. I’ve been feeling this a lot lately. I like the idea of looking back over the month and seeing what I’ve accomplished. The month is almost at an end, so I suppose I could do that now, but I’m not sure I’ve kept a really good record of what I’ve managed to get done. Perhaps I will endeavor to be more mindful next month about what is going on and how I’m working to accomplish it.
  • iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks – Click It Up a Notch. While I definitely need to use my BGC more, I also am loving learning how to take better photos with my phone since it’s the camera that is with me most often (the best camera is the one you have).
  • Secrets to Taking Awesome Dog Portraits by Elke Vogelsang– 500px. I really, really want to capture some awesome pictures of my babies. Particularly with my girlie getting a bit older. She’s my sweetness, and I’d love to have some great photos of her.
  • Being Content: Freedom from the Temple Called Busy – Julie Jordan Scott. Working at my previous job really taught me the value of my time – of not filling my life up to have it full. Now that Sweet Husband and I are apart during the week, it’s even more important to me than ever to not have so many things going on that I can’t enjoy the time I have with him. I think this post dovetails nicely with Danielle LaPorte’s the Stop Doing List.
  • Shooting Excuses – Photofocus (Levi Sim). This was a late addition to the list, and I’m glad it came through. I’ve got a new podcast to listen to, and I’ve got a reason to quit making excuses. Inspiration for both of my passions? Win-win.

Have you come across any wonders this week? Let me know about them in the comments!


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