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Each week I read a ton of blogs and articles, and when I find something I like, I enjoy passing it along to all of you here. The following are the gems from this week:

  • A Man Takes a Single Rake to the Beach – Earth Porn. Ohmigosh! How incredibly beautiful is this?! I need to send this to Sweet Husband because it might be something that he could do with his kiddos this summer or as the school year winds up.
  • iPhone Photography: 7 Essential Tips – Click It Up a Notch. I particularly like the idea of shooting with the phone’s camera and then putting the image in Instagram. Instagram is often clunky to me in terms of the the actual picture. Using one of my other photo apps has a great deal more versatility to me, and there are some tips that I think I can make use of.
  • Capturing the Everyday – Mpix Blog (Jill Marzion). I’m working on taking more photos. These are some great tips.
  • 21 Truths About Meaningful Work – Laura Simms on Create as Folk. Numbers 8, 12, 15, and 17 feel a little bit like gut-punches and are great reminders for me as I begin the search for meaningful work closer to home.
  • Seasons of Simplicity – Carmella at the Art of Simple. I had to read this a few times for it to hit home. I’m not all about a minimal life. I am, though, about a simple life – one filled with work that is it’s own reward, a job well-done, service, completing the task that is before you.
  • A Love Letter to Appalachia – The Bitter Southerner. It’s been awhile since I linked to anything from the BS, but this is worth it. Some incredible pictures with some incredible words. I remain in love with the hills and the mountains – perhaps because I grew up in a poor region with a familiar terrain and spent time wandering hills in Pennsylvania.
  • Persistence, Practice, Patience – Jamie Ridler Studios. This piece from Jamie reminds me that there is joy in the struggle. There are a lot of things in my life that I don’t remember to enjoy as I’m going through them. They’re hard. They aren’t fun. It takes time. But there are moments of joy in them as well. Those moments of joy are what get us through the hard parts:

I know that practicing in those circumstances is pretty painful. That’s why I add in another strategy: looking for the pleasure in the practice itself, not just in the progress. I may not love how I’m sounding when I play my guitar but I do love singing along. I may not love going out for a run but I do love having some alone time.

  • How I Earned My White Belt in Desire – Andrea Scher. Another great reminder. (I think the Universe might be trying to tell me something.)

    We want what we want. We will get it or we won’t.

    But it takes courage to want something. It leaves us vulnerable and that’s why it feels scary.

    But to desire is our birthright. And maybe even half the fun. Maybe even half the joy.

  • Being Enough – Quinn Creative. Yet another great reminder. I particularly like this, “We replace what our heart yearns for with the prize we want right now.” True.
  • Grow a Resilient Mind and Get Out of Your Own Way – Jennifer Louden. I signed up for this 5 day mini-course because I recognize that some times I get trapped in a fixed mindset. Sign up for free and join us!
  • Stop Worrying What Others Think, Write Your Story – Rachel in the OC. I struggle with this. All. The. Time. Each time I sit down to type something out, I wonder how it’s going to be received or if I’m going to reveal something that I mayhap shouldn’t. Authenticity is key, though, and it’s another thing I need to add to the list of stuff to remember.
  • Fickle and Capricious Writing – Emily Toynton. I agree that writing costs time – precious, precious time, and this week in particular, I’ve been very short on it. I haven’t been doing my morning pages. I’ve been so incredibly tired. (allergy season is kicking my ass) I got up Thursday morning to write and was literally one-eying it while trying to put words on the page. That was with some coffee in me. I managed a paragraph and went back to bed. I’ve got to disagree with Emily on the true goal of a writer – FOR ME the goal is to say what my soul has to say. I write because I have to. I scribble again and again because something has to come out. It would be great if I make a connection, if what I write resonates with someone else, but really – the writing is first and foremost for me.

I’m always looking for something new and interesting to follow on Bloglovin’. What shows up as a consistent winner in your feed?


    • Jen says

      Thank YOU for continuing to produce such thought-provoking content. I follow you with Bloglovin’ but this week was the first week that I had the presence of mind to save a post and remember to get into my weekly list 😉

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